Prophet-6 | custom aftermarket commercial patches / presets


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Prophet-6 | custom aftermarket commercial patches / presets
« on: December 03, 2022, 03:42:48 AM »
Hi guys,

In a world where new synth is released each quarter it seems the Prophet-6 (released 2015) is an oldie, but it just keeps giving so many new sounds and unique flavors that I felt I had to make a demo of it.

This is the soundset that I have created:

If you ask me about the genre, I'll say there is none: it's a wide variety of custom patches (150 in total). Some are bread & butter, some offbeat; they're the result of me experimenting with the Prophet-6 and trying to find its outer limits. The patches are ready-to-use in music or can serve as starting points; you can find the textures or the dynamics that you like and tweak them to suit your exact taste or purpose. I tried not to include patches that would overlap with any other soundsets out there (synthwave, recreations / nailing down the classics, etc), so 90% of my patches should be original-sounding to you, I hope.

The videos are divided into chapters so you can jump between the sounds to quickly judge & find the ones that you like.

Please visit my website (link in my profile) or watch the videos on Youtube and read the video description for details on how to buy.