Poly Evolver Rack - Voice 1 stolen by sequencer

Poly Evolver Rack - Voice 1 stolen by sequencer
« on: December 01, 2022, 05:29:08 AM »
I realize the Evolver section is sleepy but in case someone with deep Evolver knowledge is here from time to time, here's one more question...

If I push start button on the master clock unit (Nord modular G2) for my sync chain, where there's also a Mono Evolver Key Polychained to a Poly Evolver Rack, it seems like it kills Voice 1 on the PER. Why is that?

I notice both Evolver start the sequencer although both are set to Misc>Keyboard Only/MIDI Only and although all Sequencer destinations are off. And also although "In no ss" (ignore start/stop/continue) is chosen.

When this happens Voice 1 can not be used and is never lit. I get a 4-voice system instead. :(
The solution seems to be to hit Start/stop on the PER after starting the master clock unit, but surley the sequencer shouldn't start with these settings? This must be (a very old) bug? Or is there some setting I've missed?

Re: Poly Evolver Rack - Voice 1 stolen by sequencer
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2024, 10:15:10 AM »
I seem to have mixed results when polychaining the desktop to the PEK and trying to sync up sequences so that its exactly same on both.  I'm using the ST editor to control the PEK, and subsequently the desktop.  I'm not sure the  sequencer portion of the editor really took the sequencer function going out as polychain into account so much.

 Its all doable, but it can get somewhat confusing after a bit.  As you said, I've seen carryover of voice 5 to PEK voice 1.  Then, note step value amounts start to get mixed up.   Hitting last global options (I think its SS) sends the program to the polychained unit, but like you said, the start and stop doesn't seem to work just right.  Sometimes I manage to get a sequence with both units engaged just as I wanted, but  when you go the save single program it does not seem to carry all the detail over when you go back to reload that patch. The polychained desktop therefore need to get  re-set up with a bit of fiddling around.
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