Have you used Delay Feedback 2?

Have you used Delay Feedback 2?
« on: December 01, 2022, 01:51:15 AM »
So here's a little question for those who like to dig deep into the machine. Have you ever got use of the Delay Feedback 2 parameter?

I have yet to discover an interesting way to use this parameter. In 99% of the cases it makes no difference as far as I can tell and when it does it's only like a weak copy of what I can do with feedback 1. So I don't find it useful.

But I know this machine has some interesting and unusual ways to be patched so maybe I missed some clever signal flow? If you have found something interesting, please share.  :D

Re: Have you used Delay Feedback 2?
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Just take a look at "The Definitive Guide to Evolver"
From page 58 - 72 and further...
The appendix gives you a look at page 61.

 And another tip: "Audio Mod" is part of the filter envelope
and also affects when no external audio source is connected,
 which means it also affects Feedback 2.  ;D

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