Rev2 Chip Shortage Question

Rev2 Chip Shortage Question
« on: November 27, 2022, 05:37:35 PM »
I am a lifelong vintage synth collector.  I have them all.  I just bought a rev2 16 voice Desktop since I was really impressed with all the demos on YouTube.   I spoke to DSI tech support about 3 months ago and remember them discussing about the chip shortage and the original rev2 chipset might be different in the newer rev2.  Exactly what chips were they referring to, I sure hope not the core engine Osc/Filter/Envelopes?

Would there be any notable change is sound from this change?

Last question will there ever be a software fix for the lowered volume when the resonance is increased a known situation in some older synths like the moog.  Maybe this is a hardware thing?

Thanks for taking the time to read and try to reply to my post.  I am hoping a DSI tech support person can answer these questions.

Re: Rev2 Chip Shortage Question
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I've never heard of this "different chipset" that you're talking about for the latest production run of the REV2?

The REV2, Prophet 08, and a few other DSI synths all use the DSI120/PA397 chip, which is a slightly modified version of the CEM3396 from Curtis ElectroMusic back in the eighties. Definitely not one of the best sounding Curtis chips out there IMHO. It is a DCO based design. The DSI chip was custom-made for Dave Smith in large quantities in the late 2000's, and my guess is the Prophet REV2 was a way to get rid of overstock of these chips.

As for your filter question, the Moog ladder filter is behaving this way by design, it's a hardware thing. But several other music chip companies have their own design which often boasts a constant amplitude no matter how much resistance there is, like some Curtis chips for example.

BTW, I don't really like the sound of my REV2. I much prefer the sound of my OB6. But that's a matter of personal preference.
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Re: Rev2 Chip Shortage Question
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Hi Synthfr33k,

No significant hardware changes have been made to the Rev2 from release to current production. Production naturally shifts over the years (parts go out of stock, are EOL'd, we change manufacturers, etc.), but nothing would affect the overall voice of the synth.

No changes will be made to the filter design in hardware or software.

Enjoy the Rev2!
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