Brand new OB-6 Module problems

Brand new OB-6 Module problems
« on: November 08, 2022, 12:39:52 AM »

I have a brand new OB-6 Module and noticed some strange issues.
Does anyone know if this behavior is known?

I tried to clear temperature tables [Manual]+[3], because I have read that it can solve problems. It didn't make a difference.

1. When turning on, a short pop and rising sound can be heard. The display shows the number 6, the rising sound stops immediately and the display shows 1.7.4. I am not sure if I had the ascending tone before clearing temperature tables.

2. Init patch. OSC 1 level or OSC 2 level turned up. Filter Cutoff set to 0. Filter keyboard tracking set to Full. Notes from C#0 to Ab#0 can be heard. Filter opens surprisingly in this range. If filter cutoff is set to above 13 the filter stays closed as expected.

3. Init patch. SUB OSC level turned up only. Sync is set to on. XMOD Filter ENV to VCO 1 pitch. The SUB OSC jumps from one note to another sometimes.

Are all of the above mentioned issues normal behaviour?
Thank you for your help.