Repositioning knob request-(probably not)

Repositioning knob request-(probably not)
« on: November 06, 2022, 09:24:53 AM »
I now remember what bugged me about the OB-8 that also continues with the OBX8.  Left side of the control panel is ergonomically crippling:  the position of the master volume and the portamento controls.  Strangely, these two knobs are located the furthest away and often uncomfortable to get to during a live performance. It must be an Oberheim ritual because it stems  back to at least to the OB-X. 

It would seem logical to swap the position of the Master Tune knob with the Master Volume; as well as, swapping the position of the Portamento with the Osc 2 Detune.   

Question: how many times during a live performance do yíall need to adjust the Master Tune? Actually, thatís one control I donít readily need on the front panel.  Iíd hide that under the Page 2.  And, probably only seldom I have ever re-tweaked the Osc 2 Detune once I have programmed a patch.    But, needing to adjust the master volume and adjust the portamento rate (especially during unison solos) is quite regular.    I commend Dave Smith of the placement of the Glide knob on the Prophet 5/10. 
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