Resolved and Locked:New Beta Main OS - Weird Naming in new preset slots

First of all: thanks for the quick fixing of the bugs in!

But there is still a weird naming bug in Bank G of the new preset slots. After the update to, the presets in the new G-banks (both User and Preset) are named...

G01: is named after the "startup program" which is stored by going into global mode and back. Changing this startup program before the update changes the name of G01 after the update.
G02: is correctly named "Basic P2"
G03-G10: are named with random characters
G11-G16: are correctly named "Basic PXX"

This happens only with bank G. Presets in Banks A-F are all named "Basic PXX".
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Re: New Beta Main OS - Weird Naming in new preset slots
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This is not a bug per se.  When the program banks were expanded, the new locations retain an un-itialized basic program.  You can easily reset all programs by initializing all the program locations in the debug menu.  Just make sure to back up your work before doing so.

To enter the debug menu, hold transpose up and down and press the global button.
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