Patches and SYSEX - Saving and Transmitting to Different Location

Wondering if anyone has a creative solution to the following issue:

Q. What's the best way to save a patch in Sysex Librarian (Mac) and then dumping it back to a new location? From the manual it doesn't seem this is possible:

Page 59 - "dumped programs will load back into the same bank and program location in memory when received by the OB6 via MIDI"

I was hoping for example to build a collection of single patches in Sysex Librarian and then organizing them on the OB6. But, I think I'd have to figure out where I want to store it on the OB6 first, and then dump to the librarian.

Q. I've read about the SoundTower editor - anyone shuffle patches around using their librarian and find it to be reliable?

I wish this was easier. It would be great to select the program number on the OB6 where I want the single patch to go, then transmit it from Sysex Librarian to that patch location.