OB-6 Desktop - How do I save presets?

OB-6 Desktop - How do I save presets?
« on: August 07, 2022, 04:15:28 PM »
Hi everyone, I know this sounds like a dumb question, but I've had my OB-6 for about 24 hours (bought used, but everything else seems to be working and I wouldn't expect *just* the ability to save presets to be an issue along with nothing else). I've tried to save patches about a dozen times, and every time I press the write button, it starts flashing, I press the "ones" number I want to save to and then nothing happens. Write keeps flashing, I can press every number in the bank, I can change my ones and tens, I can press and hold the patch I want to save into, press and hold the write button. All of this is to no avail, the patch never writes, and if I move to another patch and load back I will load whatever was saved there before.

I already followed the troubleshooting steps to reset globals, and this did not affect things any. I'm on the 1.6 firmware, so there is an update available, but from the patch notes it doesn't look like this was an issue addressed (I did attempt to flash the new firmware anyways, but I wasn't successful, after an hour I couldn't get the OB-6 to start the countdown, the Sysex just made my synth blare random notes at full volume).

Am I just doing this wrong? If so, can someone record a video of themselves saving a preset and share it with me, because I've just spent the afternoon combing through every video on the OB-6 I could find and none of them actually show someone saving a preset.

And while I'm asking questions, sidebar, is it normal for the OB-6 to emit a loud pop through the headphone out on shutdown? Seems like there's a muting relay to prevent it on startup, should that be functioning on shutdown as well? Haven't plumbed the main outputs to my interface yet, so have not heard what the main outs are doing at startup and shutdown.

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« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2022, 12:32:00 AM »
Perhaps a silly question, but just in case: which bank are you trying to save to? Because banks 500-999 contain factory presets, and are read-only.

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Perfect question, I was trying to use the 500-900 banks. I have a rev2 and the factory banks come first on that one, so I figured if anything it would be the same rules here. Just saved patch 000 successfully on the first try!

Thanks for your help.

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Perfect! Glad I was able to help!

As to your other question; yes, that appears to be normal. Looks like Sequential did not add an output relay (to disconnect the outputs on power on/off). May be that they omitted those to reduce costs; OTOH, relays are also known to cause issues over time (corrosion/dirt).

It never bothered me personally, as I'm used to powering up/down equipment in the "right" order (power up sources first, mixing desk and power-amps last, and the reverse on power down). Good lessons learned over the years after blowing out some PA's ☺️😂

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Ok, sounds good. Like I said, I'm on headphones right now while I was testing. Going to have to plumb 20 feet of audio cables (and add them to an existing snake) under my bed to actually get the stereo outs to my interface, so I wanted to make sure I solved the preset thing first before going spelunking. I can unplug headphones while powering up and down in the meantime.

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Ah, silly me, forgot for a bit that it's not that trivial for headphones (having to unplug is a bit awkward). And yes, it would've suited them if it didn't have such a large "pop".