are the Potis of your Pro5/10 making a squeaky sound when turned quickly ?

yes, very clearly - most of the potis
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yes, a bit - only very few potis or hardly audible
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no - not at all
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Potis of Pro5/10 making a squeaky sound when turned quickly

i got today a new Prophet-10 (after the B-stock model i bought had some defects)
but now it turns out that almost all of the potis create an annoying squeaky sound. From memory i didn't notice that on the model i had before.
Anyone else with this issue? I can very easily hear it in 1m meter distance.. this is definitely not extremely picky behavior by me. Its very hardly noticeable when turning the knobs slowly.. but when making a quick turn it's very obvious. It's like metal on metal.
Heres a quick video of it - it's pretty obvious that some knobs have it less, other quite strongly
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Re: Potis of Pro5/10 making a squeaky sound when turned quickly
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I have it on my pots too and I think itīs just the nature of howe the
pots are constructed : one "arm" connected to the knob and the arm
moves over "resistance spun wire", and when turned quickly the noice is heard,
like when you drag your finger across a spun guitar string ( e, a, d ) 

After a few years the noice will get quieter as the pots wear out ......

Cheers !
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