sounds changing while played

sounds changing while played
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I've created some analog sounds on Tempest and made the following:

1. Wave reset - 1&2
2. all Velocity amounts on each of the amplitudes is zero
3. turned on the FIXED LEVEL button
4. assigned the sound to a voice

and still, each time I hit the pad, the sound change a bit with the filter.

anything I'm missing?

thank you


Re: sounds changing while played
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I'm not an expert here but I'd say that the electrical components have different initial state when the sound starts (temperature, ...) so you get a different result. If I can read "change a bit" as change by a little amount, I'd think that this is what everybody expects from an analogue synths right? And this is what makes it alive. But if the sound is very different, then I don't know... :)

Re: sounds changing while played
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delaying the envelopes, like 1, some times helps to make a more consistent sound.
also, check the lfos are not freerunning.
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Re: sounds changing while played
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One of the first things I noticed about T: when making a tuned filter sound, each voice's filter will differ by several cents. Recalibration never fixed this for me.

If you want a sound to be consistent, assign it to a voice. A sacrifice of polyphony for uniformity.

Re: sounds changing while played
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      How to avoid inconsistency on sounds by Yorgos Arabatzis:
1) Use Wave Reset
2) Mess around with various combinations on Delay parameters for Pitch,Filter,VCA or Aux envelopes.A setting of 1 will do the trick.Also play around with VCA attack time.
4) Using the self oscillating filter is unstable as Chris stated unless sound assigned to a voice.Try to use the waveforms of OSCs 1-4 instead if you don't assign a sound to a voice.
5) Assigning a sound to a voice can help also but produces a small click to the sound.
6) Take it easy on the Feedback.Settings beyond 80 create unstable environment.
7) Every tiny change you make in Tempest's envelopes counts so it's a mater of sweet spot in them.A spectrum analyzer can indicate these changes.

This and many other tips here:,78.0.html
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