Tempest Asaignble outputs

Tempest Asaignble outputs
« on: July 25, 2016, 03:50:05 AM »

I really like using my tempest and its a one of my main synths at my studio.
It is plugged to my patchay only with its main Stereo outputs.
when I want to separate the pattern's voices to different outputs, I need to start wire the machine and I find it not so comfortable. I really like the Idea that all the 8 output would always be wired to my patchbay, and still all the 6 voices would play from the Tempests main output, unless I will assign a voice to one of the 1-6 additional outputs.

Is this possible?


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Unfortunately no - I do not believe this is possible. My guess is that it's a limitation in the hardware implementation of the Tempest as opposed to a feature they could add on the software side.

That said, I think if you wire up all 6 *stereo* outputs to 12 *mono* inputs on your audio card, you could use a software mixer (or the DSP mixer for your audio card) to kind of make this work. Probably not the solution you're looking for :-)

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yea I thought so... thank you for your answer :)

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Oh and funny enough I came across this video today and thought back to this post. Looks like he's using a Mackie firewire board to make it all work. Pretty cool! Gives me some (expensive) ideas :-)



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The mackie is nice but a $100 behringer will do the same job. I use a soundcraft epm12.

I use a guitar fx module for aux1 on all my voice outs, for compression and amp simulation; a delay on aux2; plus reverb as an insert on the main outs.

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Last night I fooled around with the 6 outs going into 6 mono channels on my audio card. Was fun to be able to plop VSTs onto each channel individually - esp useful was compression + gain to punch up the kick and delay/reverb on snare. That said, in Live it starts to get a bit unwieldly having 6 separate audio tracks if you're using clips (although grouping the tracks makes basic tracking more useable) so I can definitely appreciate the out of the box basic mixer solution.

Also I *really* missed the analog distortion + pumping of the compressor on the main out. I tried a few distortion plug-ins but nothing really had the same tone of the DSI analog unit.

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« Reply #6 on: August 07, 2016, 01:50:07 PM »
I'm guessing that the tempest has switching jacks in it. that open the circuit when plugged into the individual outs. I wonder if it would be easy to bypass the switch by basically just shorting the jack. (if you loosely plug the cable into an out you can kinda trick it.