Cutoff knob not working

Cutoff knob not working
« on: June 19, 2022, 10:49:30 AM »

I'm going crazy here – after a couple of months of hassle free operation the cutoff knob on my Prophet-5 keyboard is only working intermittently.

I have tried:

- resetting global settings
- updating firmwares
- removing usb and midi cables
- power cycling

Occasionally it works as expected! Then the next time I switch it on it's gone again.

Interestingly the little red dot appears when it passes the patch setting so the knob is working, just not affecting the filter.

Does anyone have any ideas please this is rather upsetting. :-[

Re: Cutoff knob not working
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Contact support ..... 

Cheers !
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Re: Cutoff knob not working
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Have you inadvertently put the pot mode into “pass thru” or “relative”?

Re: Cutoff knob not working
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Thanks for the replies.

After explaining my problem to support including the fact that the problem is intermittent and the knob continues to send midi data, so it is not entirely disengaged, Sequential have asked me to take it to a service centre.

Since I got it a few weeks ago I have found the effect of the filter envelope and amplifier envelopes a bit confusing compared to synths I've had in the past so I'm a bit worried if other knobs have been intermitent that could explain it...

Was really hoping it was a software issue.

Will update post here in case anyone else has this problem in future.


Re: Cutoff knob not working
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If the pot mode is in relative, it would still send out MIDI data. Do check the globals menu, set pot mode to jump and see if the problem goes away.