The Use of the Prophet as a Power Chord Guitar

The Use of the Prophet as a Power Chord Guitar
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I used to make the Prophet 600 sing back in the day in 1984 and after.  We all loved new strange interesting sounds and sweeps, but especially awesome were the useful ones we could use in live gigs.  Back then, no one ....I repeat, NO ONE used a keyboard or synth to emulate a backup power chord guitar, with maybe exception of someone like Jan Hammer.  In the band I played in we had one guitarist, and whenever he took a solo, it always felt like the power or bottom dropped out of everything, so I started on a venture to fix that.

I used to modify and make my own custom patches on my Prophet 600, but on this go-around, I plugged up and ran the Prophet 600 through a Boss Heavy Metal HM-2 distortion pedal.  I specifically started twiddling knobs until I got what I wanted.  End result?  The best damn power-chord guitar emulation you could get from ANY synth at the time!!  I then used these patches to play power chords & crunches live when our guitarist took his solos.  ...and this was back in the 80's.

It worked way better than expected.  People in the audience at our gigs were like ...."where in the hell is the other guitar player"?

The recordings are old, but if you would like to hear what this sounded like, you can go to my "Prophet 600 Project" page on ReverbNation at, or just google "chuck cohen prophet 600".  Check it out.   ;)

Side note:  I knew other keyboardists that rushed out to get a Boss Heavy Metal Pedal, so they could do what I was doing.  They couldn't duplicate it.  I don't think it was my synth-programming skills at all, ...I think most of it had to do with the awesome sound of the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 itself.

If any one else has a good story, set-up, or effects or pedals that they have used on their rig or synths to emulate guitar or anything else, let us all know here.
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Re: The Use of the Prophet as a Power Chord Guitar
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The first time I knowingly saw a Prophet 5 live was in a tiny club where this guy was running it in unison through a Marshall half stack.