Sequencer record not working (merged)

Sequencer record not working (merged)
« on: June 07, 2022, 02:20:23 PM »
I just got my Take 5 Saturday morning. It was out of tune when I received it. I had to calibrate the cal voices several times before it would stay in tune. I also calibrated the pitch and mod wheels several times. I also reset the Global parameters many times. I am not able to get the sequencer to work on a user preset. When I first received it I was able to make a sequence and save it with the preset, but after that never again. The sequences that come with the presets only work after a switch to a different preset then back again also. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there something I am missing? I must admit I have spent 2 days trying to solve this problem and I emailed support and left a voice message but have not heard back. I think I got a defective take 5 and need to return it to the music store. I will wait one more day to see if it will get resolved by someone knowing what to do to solve the problem, if not then back it goes because it is defective. I should also mention I do not have any midi cables or usb plugged in at the moment, just the left and right 1/4 inch out. Thanks
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Re: Sequencer not working
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Global Menu : 15 Clock Mode,  is it set to 'Out'?

If you reset Globals then you'll probably have to re-calibrate. There is no reason to reset unless you want to clear back to initial state.

Re: Sequencer not working
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Yes it is set to out. I think I need to get a RMA and get another unit. The sequencer worked once, but after that never worked again. If there is something I need to calibrate that is not in the manual then I will try that, but I have searched the forums, youtube google and have not found a solution and suport never got back to me, probably because they know it is a problem and they do not have a solution. Does your sequencer work? Thanks

Sequencer record not working
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My last post I probably was not clear enough, sorry about that. So this is a follow up. The sequencer does not record my sequences, it plays the sequences built in to the factory presets, but it will not record. Either I got a defective Take 5 or this is the same for everyone. I have search almost the entire internet for anything regarding the sequencer and have not found any where someone is recording with the sequencer. Most likely is because no one can use it because it does not work. Even on Sweetwater where Daniel Fisher is showing the video, he covers almost everything about the Take 5 and actually demos it. But when he gets to the sequencer he just says what it can do but he never demos nothing, most likely because he is unable to. I am not sure why I was able to record one sequence and save it with the preset but I was. After that never able to record again. Like I said I try everything I can think of. When it was set back to factory it should have worked, but it just does not and I never changed anything except the presets anyway. One of the reasons I bought it was for the 64 step sequencer. I really like this synth, but it was not nearly ready for release last year. All my other synths. Roland, Yamaha, Korg, Access Virus all do as they are supposed to. I really wanted to keep it, but it is not ready for prime time at all. I have only had it for 3 days, so no telling what other problems I will run into. I bought it brand new in the box. There is a post down the list here that his got stuck on the take 5 booting up and I guess that bricked it and it is not good anymore according to the post. Just saying. Thanks for reading

Re: Sequencer record not working (merged)
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I am letting everyone know this is resolved. My sequencer was working, it is just very limited to what is can do and the sequences that are built in to the presets all come with different sittings and that was throwing me off. Long story.
Thanks to verstaerker for the help also.