Tempest Love

Tempest Love
« on: July 22, 2016, 01:58:41 PM »
After all is said and done, bugs reported, bugs fixes delayed, bugs fixed, I gotta say... I've always loved my Tempest. I was an early adopter, and I think the machine is absolutely fantastic. I've definitely hit a few little snags here and there, but overall I've never hit a show stopper in how I use the Tempest.

In light of this I'd just like to thank the DSI team + Roger Linn for developing such a wonderfully inventive piece of hardware. For all the negative comments that have been blasted around this forum, I think DSI deserves at least a little bit of love from us. So this is me and my lone voice giving it up for a killer drum machine.

I'm a total hack when it comes to music but I always smile when I listen back to what came out of this Tempest only (plus a hint of delay) track of years ago:

I'm sure you all have one too :-)