Programmer Contributions to the Presets

Programmer Contributions to the Presets
« on: July 21, 2016, 08:16:59 AM »
Was curious which patches Robert Rich contributed to the OB6. He's not sure how many have been included but had this to say:

"I delivered 50 sounds, and here is the list with sound names I gave them."

Royal Orch - string/horn orchestral hybrid
News & Information - arpeggio short notes, S & H filter
Sports Final - arpeggio short notes, S & H filter
Arctic Wind - noise filter sound design, some complex modulation
*Fuzz Key - clavi filter resonance (some distortion on purpose)
Nylon Non-guitar - a plucked sound using oscillator sync
Sync Pluk - resonant plucked sound using oscillator sync
Fantasia - PolyMod filter swell horn-like symphonic
Velvet Shimmer - bright resonant notch filter orchestral sweep
Sifting Strings - orchestral sound, osc 2 mods filter type, best at mid-hi pitch
Bowed Glass Orch - Filter mode and polymod oscillations, 100% verb
Shimmer Key - Bright filter, long sustain with oscillator sync
S & H Fuzz - Bass notes are buzzy with filter bubbles, unison
Psylon Lead Bass - LFO ramp to filter, unison mode
Harmonic Cannon - Osc 2 in LF mode to filter cutoff
Stomp - sync lead with chunk (sync envelope sustain)
Untuned Bells - Using ring modulator effect, Filt Env Amnt > click
Greek Expressionist - Melodic solo
Deep Sea Shadows  - Dark sustaining bell-tones with Osc FM
Ghost Tines - Blurry percussive pitched ring mod
Sponge Clav - BP and Polymod, dynamic fuzzy
Sponge Rubber Bass - Best in the low range, dynamic filter buzz
Vox Organica - Vocal overtone pipes in a hall
Shimmorchestral - A version of bright and soft pads, glassy tonality
Titanium Swelling - Osc2 in LF mode sweeping stuff, BP filters shifting
Ultra-Sheen - resonant High Pass sweeps from a high place
Baaad Trip  - Aftertouch is a cry for help, but it's all alone in the Universe
The Skinny - Osc-1 piccolo lead line, good in polyphonic or unison
Play It Slow - Ambient filter sweeps, wait for it.
Scrape the Spring - A very odd bit of sound design
Tibetan Bell - Play sparse high notes for sustain
Sandalwood - rubbery mallet sound with sub-osc lingering. Osc 1 mix low or hi
Silk 1 - Plucked string with shimmers sustaining
Silk 2 - Plucked string, less motion than version 1, plays differently
Glass Opera - Bright vowel sounds adjustable w/ X-Mod
Ricochet - pulsating sequencer sound, mod wheel > filter LFO sweep
Masoch's Tango - Fuzzy S&H, Mod wheel increases the discipline
Harmonic Hilltops - Slow LFO into Osc1 sync creates harmonic series drone
Xpanded Orchestral - Use 20sec PCM70 large hall for Roachaphonic effect
Hymnal pipes - More subtle than a full-stop sound, near the back of cathedral
*Edgy Overtones - Unison lead with a chiming fuzzy anthem feel
Vapor Trails - HP filter glimmery stabs, filter release times vapor entry
Breathing Chords - Bright and smooth - Play big chords slowly, add more verb
Space Pong - Percussive resonant noise with HF filter mod
Perky Shimmers - Arpeggio hi bell percussives with ring mod
It's Magic - Fairy dust shimmers with ring mod and arpeggio, hold notes down
Glassy Balafon - Ring mod percussive with swing and echo groove, hold big chord
Fairy Land - Ring mod and arpeggio for Tinkerbell effect, play high notes
80s Bass - Resonant filter sweep, pulse waves
Beardy Bass - A bit furry around the edges using sync and Xmod to BP