OB-X8 Manual?

OB-X8 Manual?
« on: May 10, 2022, 12:16:34 PM »
First off, big congrats to Tom, Marcus, Tony, Dave and Sequential/Focusrite teams!!   

Looks and sounds like a winner! 

I know it has only been a couple hours since announcement, but is it too soon to request the manual (even if still a beta)?  Would really like to read more about the Page 2 / advanced menu features and the options for modulation with lfo/velocity/pressure/note/voices.
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Re: OB-X8 Manual?
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Same here. I just pre-ordered mine and would like to read up on it before it arrives.

Re: OB-X8 Manual?
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Re: OB-X8 Manual?
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Yes, please.

I look for things like if a preview/compare thingy before overwriting a preset.
So you easily can browse and just look around after one location that is not a keeper, when about to save.
To my knowledge Roland has none, and too many others miss this too.

Under the hood stuff too, seems there are some cool things there.
- are there curves to adjust for envelopes?
- you can, saw in a demo, pick envelopes from the various models if OB

Re: OB-X8 Manual?
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Re: OB-X8 Manual?
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Re: OB-X8 Manual?
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Same request, as it would be nice to wait until the delivery doing something else than hearing all demos of the beast.  :P