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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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A decent variety of sounds, and an embarrassing bit of maintenance:
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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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The same thing happens with the Kronos but in the opposite direction with the white keys contacting the front.

When transporting it you need to pack some material like cardboard between the white keys and the front bar.

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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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That's a tad embarrassing for a manufacturer, isn't it?  I mean, treating an instrument with care or having to perform an occasional act of maintenance is one thing, but this is something different.  It's a basic design flaw.  I hope Behringer fixes it.
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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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I guess though that Behringer will fix the problem in upcoming revisions, Korg never did.

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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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This seems like a pull-out-all-the-stops type synthesizer.  It's wedded to densely-applied effects.  I guess it suits ambient type electronica.

Re: Behringer synth teasers
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You can clearly see the Juno 106 layout of the panel. The second oscillator is, as far as I'm concerned, just a glorified sub oct generator. The display and the amount of menu diving that seem present is very discouraging, and the fact that they are using a control knob and single buttons for the menus make me think of rack mounted romplers in the 90's - Compare it to the Prophet 12 with it's buttons and four knobs associated with the OLED. It's like the stone age in comparison.

And then there's the whole feature balance. The DeepMind 12 lacks two full oscillators and cannot be tuned more than +/- 12 semi tones appart, but offer high quality effects, WiFi and augmented reality? And baked in a very strangely compromised hands on interface with quite horrible menu diving. Something went wrong in the conceptual design process.

I'd stopped paying much attention to the DM12 until recently when it started getting into the hands of a few users. I've heard enough demos now to think it can be programmed to sound pretty good and with more flexibility than I expected. Also had a read of the manual and it looks as if both oscillators can be set to different ranges (16', 8', 4') so it should be possible to get them more than an octave apart.

I'm still a little sceptical of the menu diving and reliance on the display. I think I'll only know if its a hindrance when I get to try one sometime. I keep thinking it has the 2 LFO, 3 ENV and mod matrix features that I've really missed on simpler synths (P6, System-8 etc.) and at a price that doesn't punish the wallet too much.

Still think I'm more in the market for a desktop module, especially if the keys aren't all that. Any more keyboard synths here will break the ergonomics of the room anyway. :)

After much deliberation on the matter I just got one.  Here's the scoop from spending about 10 hours with it now:

Everything works.  Shipped from Sweetwater in two days-for free.  I  update OS to 1.03, right away, but did so simply as precaution rather than need.  I can say that I was a bit nervous about purchasing this- being new and not terribly good press on it.  With exception of Nick's positive reviews from Sonic State, the other videos and talk I heard out there would not have convinced me much.  But I'm one of those wierdos that actually loves my Berhinger mixers so I figured I'd give our friends across the pond a try.

The unit is very well made.  There is no wobbly knobs- not even close to being an issue.   Keys feel good.  The LCD display is not as grainy as I expected.  Nice heavy feel to it....probably because it is heavy! weighs more than any my other synths.  Even has a fan aboard (I cannot hear it) which is good for nostalgic electronics I guess.

The manual is very wordy at 136 pages and has no index.  I printed one off so you will need a rack of paper.  They did not even include a CD manual which I think is really lame.   

 I was able to find my way around pretty quickly, and any previous synth owner would probably as well.  I simply used the manual to look up questions I have about features as I go (otherwise I'd still be reading).  My biggest reservation about getting this unit was menu diving.  This turns out is not to be issue for me at all and is much less than I thought.  In find the interface very cleverly laid out.  The screen is an absolute must for some of the deeper features.  Effects are quite nice and rival the Virus effects which seems to have been the standard thus far.

Sound banks hold like 1000+ patches.  Quite peculiar that none were left open for USER sounds so to save your own sounds need to over wright existing sounds.  This is easy to do.  I wish I could delete all the existing patches and make all slots basic patches.  Anyway...the good news is that there is only like 20-30 presets worth keeping.   Most are just the usual obligatory generic noise that manufactures seem to add (IMO).    Ironically what is strangely absent from the presets -is what this instrument shines at.

Fuseball - I should mention that you can indeed set oscillators more than 12 semi apart.

Basic patch is easy to set.  But here's the catch, and I hope it's a resolvable fix in some future update.  If you set just osc 1 to sawtooth and then play more than two notes at once there is a strange cyclic clicking.  Very noticeable with filter wide open.  I tried everything to squelch it: recalibrating, making sure no other mod exists, no effects etc...     The good news is that this is avoidable and does NOT happen if you simply create your own basic patch.  I took an existing patch and zeroed everything out, saved it as "basic patch".   Clicking no longer an issue.  So the issue from what I can tell is limited to their on-board basic patch.

I'm not a big apeggiator user, but it has quite a few nice patters.   The sequencer is different than lets say a PO8 or OB6.  Not useful like if you wanna just play in a pattern for example.  But I think it is really his meant more as an additional mod source- for which its powerful.   Nevertheless I figured out how to dial in tones and quantitize them as notes. One you have a sequence set up you have to set it into mod slot to make it work.  I feel this step could be eliminated in some future update.

Bottom line:  I really like the sounds I'm getting with this.  As a pad monster this will excel and allows me to sell my Virus Snow which I hardly use due to the menu diving.  As for PWM pianos and such I'm also having some good success and getting really pretty sounds.  I will share some soon.

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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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Interview with Uli:

Personally, I far prefer the brunette....
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Re: Behringer synth teasers
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A video of few patches I did on this instrument.
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