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Hi all,

Back in 2017 I posted a link to my album, "The Planets" which consists of the 7 pieces that make up Holst's "The Planets Op: 32" recorded entirely on a Prophet 12 Desktop.  A few months later I took it down when I bailed Soundcloud.  Well, with Dave's recent passing I wanted to honor his memory and accomplishments so decided to put the album back up.  It now lives on my youtube channel in this playlist:

I estimate about 80% of the sounds are my own with about 20% presets.  The only additional processing was a little reverb from the Roland VS-1880 the album was recorded on.

Hope people enjoy it and Thanks to Dave for all those great synths, especially the P12!


Wytch Crypt , I remember that well and commented back then how that was a lot of work.  Fitting honor to the instrument line as well. 

    You mentioned "bailing SC",  Soundcloud is not the biggest medium anymore, but I still use it as sort of a place to catalogue, plus the platform audio is pretty decent.  Just curious as to your reason.

Hi Soundquest, I recall our original conversation when I first released this turned into a Tomita appreciation thread.  I wanted this re-release to turn into a Dave Smith appreciation thread ;)

I bailed Soundcloud back then because I would have had to go to the paid version to add anything else and I wanted to organize my music differently and add more.  BandCamp is free no matter how much I upload and optimized to present albums rather than individual songs which is a better fit for me.  I setup my solo projects Mutiny in Jonestown & WytchCrypt on BandCamp where my other projects Morpheus and The Alchemy of Atlantis are in youtube playlists.  Anything I want to share that might be covers or still have copyright claims I put on youtube.  They'll flag and monetize which isn't great, but it allows me to post covers, where on BandCamp the terms make it very clear that you better own the copyright of everything you upload.  Not sure if Soundcloud is as hard nosed about copyright as BandCamp, but I'm happy with the way I have things structured   :)
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Great explanation,  thanks.
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I'm finding another symbiotic pair for my Studio- P12 and the Vermona.  Actually a trio if you count the Polyend sequencer.   This song uses a Polyend sequencer to drive the steady background on the Vermona Perfourmer synth. Setting the EG attack rate on the VCOs and having each voice a little different on this synth makes for some interesting effects. I like paring this with the P12, which is doing everything else besides the main sequence. Actually used my bass pedal board tied to the P12 so, much of the meat of this is done in one track, then went back and put in some horns, subtle choir.
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Back at it again with the Vermona MK2 /P12 pair.  I used the Polyend sequencer to drive the repetition, but you can hear the Vermona's growley side when I frequency modulate.  Vermona is also the percussion track.   P12 is played throughout with pads and female voice.
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So, here is my new drone album Rautapiha (Angrenost). The main "songs" (I, III, and VI) are P12 module only, and some minor tunes in between are done with Prologue 16.

The P12 drones are obviously based mainly on the use of the tuned feedback, distortion and character sections. What is maybe not so obvious is the exploitation of the delay bug. When increasing the level and feedback enough, the delays start behaving kind of weirdly (first the delays sync to each other no matter what time is set, and finally stop playing at all if there is too much feedback). But, being careful with the parameters, the delay section can produce strange rhythmic distorted landscapes on it's own. I think it has something to do with overloading of the delay buffers.
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