Why is the PX forum so dead?

Re: Why is the PX forum so dead?
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I have owned my PX about 3 months after its release date. I bought it second hand and I have never had any issues whatsoever with it. Except for midi issues which they have fixed out along the way with OS updates. One of my favourite synths + more. Its a keeper. 8DIo and their support has been more than questionable. But I can feed in any material I want thanks to ThinkerSnacks aka Lady Gaia. And this is was the cherry on the cake that 8DIo hosed up so badly in their effort. Well done Sequential. Shame on you 8Dio. (P.s as of today the 8DIO Mapping Utility is still in beta since its 2018 release - quite the record.)

I use SampleRobot myself....something that I think should have been part of the PX's release from the getgo.

Re: Why is the PX forum so dead?
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5)  No compelling hook...If there is truely something special there, the value proposition was never really presented well.  It might have some magic that I'm missing out on it, but if so I don't know what that is.

The 'magic' is the stereo filters. They are absolutely lovely.

All the X needs is the ability to access and delete the 8DIO stuff (and/or a bigger SSD) and better sampling software (ŗ la Clavia's).

It's so close to being Sequential's best ever product, it makes me really sad that it appears to be so unloved.



Re: Why is the PX forum so dead?
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As for Basserman, I can't stand to watch his videos because of all the gyrations and weird movements. 

I'm glad someone else thinks the same as me. I had to stop the video playback as I found him annoying. I do agree with what has been said above about the demos, they haven't been great from Sequential/DSI over the years. I know that when I purchased my first DSI synth (the Rev2) it was due to watching a video on Paul Dither's channel which was more of a "how to" video than a review but it still won me over.

Personally, I was very interested in the Prophet X but it was the reports of hardware failures that put me off.

Those are generally resolved. It was mostly an issue with the PXL from what I gather and the power supply board needing to be replaced (which users can do themselves) or someone not following sample import instructions properly and bricking their synth.

I can assure you they are not generally resolved in my case. A few months back, I spent weeks with Seq support after it mysteriously stopped booting past the startup meter/bar.  Resolved it after I asked for older versions of the firmware/OS systems. I've been scared to do anything other than play it since but this week, it again mysteriously stopped booting, then started again and currently is in non-booting mode. I guess technically it's not a hardware failure but software/firmware. Was planning on recording this weekend but will be installing firmwares, changing batteries, etc. instead.

It's a shame because the PX is my favorite Seq synth ever (have owned OB6, Rev2, Tempest, still own Pro 3). The stereo analog filters are magical. No software can replicate that! 

I'd love to rave about it publicly but these problems make it hard to do so. Those mixed feelings may explain the lack of activity you are remarking about.
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Re: Why is the PX forum so dead?
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Iím genuinely curious why the Prophet X forum on here is so dead. Even the Facebook user group (which I moderate) barely anyone shares samples or discusses techniques. On the Nord forums, people are sharing samples with one another and discussing techniques they use for the Stage 3 and Wave 2 so Iím wondering what the reason could be that hardly any PX users interact or share samples here.

I actually have a feeling the PX is going to be discontinued within this year or next. I really think it was a complete disaster for Sequential.

The XL is a work of genius.  If it's not being appreciated it can only be because it (as I believe Dave surmised) is ahead of its time.  I don't need to buy a Prophet 5, because I have Dave's very own Prophet 5 onboard my XL, and with its wonderful analog filter, I can sculpt beautiful Prophet sounds, in addition to ARP 2600, and OBX sounds. 

Many of my own albums would be inconceivable with the XL.  Below are a few: 

"partial objects": an album of contemporary avant-garde concert/classical music, improvised in one day, and rendered wholly on the Prophet XL.

"Homages and Worlds"  An album of homages to teachers, musicians, and also of tone poems.  (Much Pro 3 and Rev2 here as well.)

"The Royal Road to Consciousness"  A symphony of noise.  Made with the three synths mentioned above, and utilizing, ultimately over 35 distinct types of noise.  Lots of industrial samples from the XL.

Re: Why is the PX forum so dead?
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I'm saving for a PX and the OB6 as well. What you say confirms my fears, that I should by the PX first before Sequential stops production. P12 was introduced in 2013, stopped in 2018. PX started in 2018, it is 2022 today.. BUT I'm also afraid, that Focusrite will decide one oberheim is enough  do sacrifice OB6 for the new OBX8, so a real dilemma. On the other hand I believe OB6 is still the best selling synth, even with the pricd increase. Better  then P6 or P5, and definatelly way above PX. For sure I dont know, just guess from the amount of used unit for sales.
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