Is there a global setting to allow sequencer changing in time with MIDI clock?

For example,

I'm running my P6 as a slave to my drum machine.  I have a sequence going in time with the drums.  The chorus is coming and I want to cue up the next sequence on the P6 which is saved on the next patch.

When I hit the next patch button, it changes automatically and is not in sync with the MIDI master/drums and is impossible to get lined up perfectly.

Is there a way to set the P6 so that when I change patches, the next sequencer wont start until the end of whatever phrase is happening?

The Keystep Pro is an example of this, when you're running a sequence and you push the next sequence button, it doesn't actually switch over until the end of the current phrase.


I realize the patches are not sequence dedicated, but they have a sequencer incorporated, which starts automatically with MIDI, therefore if there isn't already an option to sync changing patches with saved sequences, there should definitely be one.