Flickering LEDs on the control panel + glitches on the patch number display

Hi guys,

First of all, I already contacted the customer service, checked if the internal ribbon cables were correctly seated as I was suggested to do, swapped the main board (I have received a new one on last Thursday from Sequential) but all of this did not solve the issue.

What is wrong with my Take 5?

From the very beginning, I noticed that the LEDs on the control panel sometimes flicker (all of them at the same time) even if I do not touch the synth. It's a very subtle and quick phenomenon : the LEDs do not shut off completely and this lasts around 1/10 of a second (maybe less). There is no regular pattern, it can happen at any time but generally every 7 or 8 seconds.

There are also some glitches on the patch number display : very subtle and quick phenomenon too, one of the 3 digit numbers glitches.

So, does anybody else have the same issue?


No I don't have any of these problems.
If the mainboard is swapped, connectors checked (the cables can still be broken or have a bad connection internally) and you still have the same problems maybe it could be something with the power supply then.

Hi synthboy and thanks for your reply!

This afternoon, I have checked the ribbon cables with an ohm meter and they are OK. I also think that could be something with the PSU providing an unstable current (the Take 5 is plugged into an Eaton UPS and the current is stable. No problem at all regarding the electric current coming from the outlet).

Well, I will see with the customer service for the next step.

Yep, mine does that too.  It doesn't bother me at all.

I mean, you'd have to be staring at all the LEDs or patch number display to notice it happen as it's so brief and so random.  I only happen to catch a flicker once in a while.
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Hi iluvchiclets!

Thank you for the reply. So, I am not the only one having this issue.

In my case, it's easy to notice it. It doesn't really bother me but I just want to have a fully working (brand new) synth. I don't want to have a big failure in the future just because I didn't fix this issue during the warranty period.

Well, a new PSU will arrive on next Tuesday. As synthboy and I wrote before, that could be something with the PSU providing an unstable current.

Let's see what happens!

Some news :

The culprit was the left panel and now everything works flawlessly.