Possible MPE Issue

Possible MPE Issue
« on: February 13, 2022, 06:14:41 AM »
Hi Sequential Team,
First of all, thanks for the implementation of MPE to the Prophet 6, its amazing you did that guys.
Possibly i faced a bug to this topic. Wheni play through MPE everything behaves as expected in unipolar mode. When i then go back and play directly on the keyboard of the Prophet 6 the filter cutoff behaviour sometimes doesnt work properly. When i switch MPE off means i change to different Midi Channel, Prophet filter cutoff functions normally. Is that something you experienced as well? I Imagine that somehow when the Prophet 6 receives MPE Midi the cutoff goes into a diffrent mode and doesnt come back properly when keys are played on the Prophet 6 Keyboard.

Thanks for your feedback.

Best Regards