T5 Hard Case

T5 Hard Case
« on: February 03, 2022, 08:36:10 AM »
If anyone is interested in cases for T5.

I just got a Gator GTSA-KEY49 (secondhand off of the ebays) and the T5 is a perfect fit, with room left over at one end for a Digitakt or Whathaveyou.

The spec shows the internal measurement as width = 31.75cm, and the T5 is 32.4cm, but the T5 sits perfectly in the case. I did measure my T5 and discussed it with the seller, I thought it may be a tight fit, and perhaps some customisation would be required, but spot on!

anyway, thought you may like to know

Case ...
Interior Dimensions:
Length: 92.71cm / 36.5''
Width: 31.75cm / 12.5''
Height: 11.43cm / 4.5''
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