Pro 2 - Filter one drop

Pro 2 - Filter one drop
« on: July 04, 2016, 03:06:12 PM »
Hey all,

This is a great synth. Please don't think i'm bashing it. You can get a lemon with anything you purchase once and a while. Please know that I have tried os updates with no luck. I'm currently 1.1.15. I don't like upgrading unless it's been through the dryer but it hasn't been that way from past experiences with DSI.

Link -     (please remember I had a few drinks ~_~)

I would like you all to look at the video I posted while having a few drinks. The oscillators just stopped feeding the filter one and no sound is produced. This is the second time this has has inflicted me with great pain( : ) kidding). I've had numerous problems with this synth and sorry I spent the money on it when there are much better alternatives. It sounds good, the envelopes are beautiful, the filters are beautiful but i'm so upset with the crazy nuances this synth does. You want a list? I'll give you a list:

*Filter one does not accept oscilator input from time to time
*Release decays over time if put to high
*Pitch is not standard(still trying to figure this out. May be my setup but it's a semitone lower than what should be)
*Mod wheel activating when put on 0 position(i've tried calibrating multiple times with not luck)

You make great hardware Dave. I like it and am interested but I can't stand spending so much money for something that just takes a dive like that. This synth is for performing in live audiences! Why is it doing so much crazy things?

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Re: Pro 2 - Filter one drop
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If you want suggestions from others, you'll certainly get them here.  But if your Pro 2 has something wrong with it and you want it fixed, contact DSI directly.  They'll take care of you.


Re: Pro 2 - Filter one drop
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From that video it looks like you have a faulty filter, maybe email DSI again and send them a link to the video.

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Video removed, but I'd be talking to my dealer. You don't need to put up with those things, just get it fixed up and you're good to go. My Pro 2 came with a missing part in one of the keys which was near unplayable, but my dealer rectified it in a timely manner and I couldn't be happier now.