Edisyn 30 now has a librarian which works with the Prophet'08, Rev2, Mopho, Moph

On behalf of Sean Luke :
Edisyn 30 now has a librarian which works with the Prophet'08, Rev2, Mopho, Mopho Keyboard, Mopho X4, and Tetra.
Edisyn is an open source patch editor which supports a wide variety of synthesizers, and which has among the most sophisticated patch randomized exploration tools available anywhere.  Edisyn runs on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.
Edisyn 30 now sports a full-featured librarian for most Edisyn patch editors.  The librarian has been tested for a number of Edisyn's synths but not all of them (I no longer have access to some and could use your help in testing them).

New feature :
About the Writeable Factory Banks
The Rev2 has two kinds of banks: the User Banks (U1...U4) and the Factory Banks (F1...F4). From the front panel you cannot change any of the Factory banks: but you can overwrite them from Edisyn via sysex. By default this feature is not turned on, and these banks are treated as read-only. If you want to make them writeable, just check the Write Factory Banks checkbox. You have been warned however!
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Thanks!  I'm the author of Edisyn.  The librarian took a very long time to get up and running, and it still hasn't been adequately tested for a number of synths, but it should work well for the Prophet '08, Mopho series, Tetra (I need help testing Combos), and Rev2. 

A big shout-out to Wim Verheyen, who is responsible for the Rev2 editor and did a fantastic job.