Pro3 Arp not working in Ableton Live 11

Pro3 Arp not working in Ableton Live 11
« on: January 13, 2022, 02:44:23 PM »
Hello everyone, I can't seem to figure this out. I have Ableton playing so the Pro3 is getting an external clock but no sound. With the Pro3 track armed in Ableton, I can play sounds. Once I turn on the arp on the pro3, it no longer transmits midi, therefore no sound as well.

I included some images of Ableton's settings. Pro3 is connected through USB. Sound card is Apogee Duet 2.

Ableton: 11.0.12

Pro3 settings:
local control: all off
midi channel: all
midi clock mode: in no s/s
midi clock cable in: usb
midi clock cable out: usb
midi param send: cc
midi param receive: cc
midi control enable: on
midi sysex enable: on
midi sysex cable: usb
midi out select: usb
midi program send: on
midi program receive: on
midi arp/seq notes: on
midi arp beat sync: quantize

What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Pro3 Arp not working in Ableton Live 11
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I found a work around. The Pro3 keyboard outputs MIDI when local control is off but once the arp in enabled the Pro3 keyboard stops outputting midi. If I use my NI S61 keyboard to input midi, then I can use the Pro3 arp. The control panel works either way. Sequential tech support is looking into this to see if it's a bug or not.

Re: Pro3 Arp not working in Ableton Live 11
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2022, 08:01:30 AM »
I just checked my setup in Live 11 and the arp is working for me. I have the 1.2.04 update installed on the Pro 3 and the latest Live 11 and Live 11 beta that I've tried it on.

When set midi clock mode is set to "In No S/S" the arp only is activated when the Ableton clock is running. (when play in Live is triggered)  If I change the clock mode to "out" or "off" it plays without play triggered, and when changed to "In" or "thru" the arp doesn't play.

I hope this helps.

I'm interested to know if when you record midi input with cc controls in Live if you have the issue I've had, which is automation recording a value of zero for whatever cc you change from the start of the clip until you begin moving a dial. I wrote more about my issue here.,5947.0.html