Six voices not enough for pads?

Re: Six voices not enough for pads?
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This is a very good callout.   I found the same thing on Polybrute... almost always use the "Reassign" mode (aka: P5 / per key allocation)    It does make a huge difference for pads, and would love to see this feature added on more current synths (like P6,T5) and/or upcoming synths.   Ultimately it would be nice to have the "Reset/Backtrack" allocation type as well... which always tries to use the lowest voice number.

Interesting, I'd be interested to hear how that sounds.  I assume its use the lowest voice number that's in the release stage, and if none available in release take one from sustain, as opposed to prioritizing stealing of the lowest note played?

I think there may be a few varieties of Reset mode - or Reset/Backtrack.   One of the classic Jupiter 8 modes (Poly 2) uses this type of allocation, where is tries to reassign the lowest available voice number.   

The sound character is most evident when:
1. Playing Polyphonic Glide/Portamento patches (the glide action is generally smoother, since your gliding from more recent voices / usually closer notes)   

2. Also, for patches where you are repetitively striking a single note, or a couple notes, there is more consistency to the sound... (the P5 allocation / per-key also has similar performance)   This is more noticeable on vintage synths (or modern ones with ample amount of Per Voice Variance / Vintage Knob dialed up.   A prime example is a repetitive pulsing bass line.  If you're in round robin mode, and have lots of vintage voice variance, each consecutive strike on the same note may be a few cents off in tuning from the previous one, and envelope/filter performance may vary for each strike.   But with Per-Key (P5) or Reset Allocation, your bass line will have more consistency when hitting a note repetitively (or with ARP).

I do really like having the three options on PB.  Would love to see P5 allocation type ported over to Prophet 6 and Take 5... they would both benefit a ton, as they are in the Prophet family, with relatively voice counts...  also, would love to see future Seq polys have these as standard choices.   It's an often overlooked, but key aspect to achieving certain vintage style character. 

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