Real Time control automation / Ableton Live

Real Time control automation / Ableton Live
« on: December 30, 2021, 08:47:07 PM »
When I overdub real time control of the Pro 3 in Ableton Live the midi cc control envelopes always start at zero. If playing midi notes back in Live from the midi track I am able to move the filter or any other control and it saves cc envelopes in the clip fine, but when I play the track back I don't hear anything.

When I look at the MIDI ctrl envelopes created in the clip, I can see that the control envelope always starts at for example i the initial filter cutoff value when I start moving the dial is 250 it shows "250" at the point in time that I first move the control, but everything before moving the control has a value of zero. This causes the preset to not sound right until the clip reaches the point in time that I begin moving the dial.

You can see where the clip in the screen shot shows the beginning "0" value until I move the cutoff dial after 2.1 .

If I delete the first cc control node on the clips midi control envelope then everything sounds right, because obviously the value should be "250" from the very beginning of the clip and removing the first value sets it to 250 from the beginning of the clip to the point in time it begins to move.

I've tried using different Pot Mode options, "jump", "passthrough" etc but I get the same result.

I have tried in both Live 11 and the live 11 Beta with the same result.

I have followed the setup configuration listed here on the forum, and many variations of it.

The only thing that seems to play back right without having to go in and remove the first node of every control I move is if I play the midi notes and record dials in real time. It has the issue I describe when overdubbing.

Has anybody else seen this issue with Live? I have tried the Plug SE vst as well with the same result (and other issues as well)  Although I am able to fix the automation be removing the first node on automation this process kills the flow of creativity, there has to be something I am missing. 

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Re: Real Time control automation / Ableton Live
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I found a way to get it to work for me. By using the PlugSE vst, having the Pro 3 editor open, with local control on the Pro 3 "on" and midi settings for the Pro 3 within live set to track "in" and "out" Ableton Live will then overdub record, and record live all control settings from the Pro 3 properly. 

No more starting at "0" on each control parameter.