New Tempest / Can not load all samples

New Tempest / Can not load all samples
« on: December 21, 2021, 04:49:45 AM »

I recently got me a tempest (YAY !), and I have deleted all the projects / beats etc from the previous owner.
When I tried to load all the factory content back to the tempest. I noticed I could not get all the samples into Tempest.
Is this normal that I can not load all the 10syx files (from Kick_59 to miscalleanous_65 ?)

Weird thing is I can see that I have 3.6mb "free" as ALL the content has been removed.

(EDIT) I can see in the DELETE menu that when I'm in the SOUND folder : FREE:0
So this basically means I can not save any more "sounds" nor import them.?
When I move to the BEAT folder, I can see that there's 3.4MB free.

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Re: New Tempest / Can not load all samples
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2021, 08:40:16 AM »
1) What you are trying to load is not samples, but rather they are sounds… which are essentially synth presets that get assigned to an individual pad within a beat (or kit).

2) There are two separate storage areas… one for individual sounds, and one for projects & beats. When you save a project, it includes 16 beats (kits) of which each contain 32 sounds. So each project can be a repository of 512 saved sounds, with the advantage of these sounds being able to store their sound fx slider settings (unlike savings sounds individually, which will NOT retain the fx slider settings).

So… your best working use of saving individual sounds is to work on and save the design of individual sounds within beats within a project. When you create a sound you’d like available when you are in another beat or project, save it to the individual sound library… with the caveat that it will NOT save the FX Slider settings… which you will have to manually set to match what it was before… which will drastically reduce your desire to use the individual sounds storage area.

If your intent is to set up your Tempest as if it were new from the factory, either you can scour this forum where the instructions will most likely be buried in a thread somewhere, or reach out to DSI/Sequential. They are very helpful.