Soundtower PlugSE 2.2.3 PC, Unofficial patch for FM Mode support and bugfixes.

Hello guys,

This patch made for the Soundtower's Prophet 12 Desktop editor VST PC version 2.2.3.

"Release notes"
1.FM mode implementation (GUI + vst interface + patch handling)
2.Slider 2 pressure implementation (GUI + vst interface) (Soundtower implemeted only pressure 1)
3."Unison key assist" vst interface fix : wrong values in the vst params  c0... instead of "low note"...
4.The number of modulation destinations increased to 105 (the missing Mod 11 Amount - Mod 16 Amount added)
5.Steinberg CC121 rotary fix ( for myself... :) )
6."Send current preset" menu command  sent "It's a Prophet!" patch to P12, instead of the plugin's edit buffer
7."Load single preset now" is loading the preset into edit buffer and sending it to P12 , instead of sending the "It's a Prophet!" patch
It includes my previous correction of unison mode selection (Unofficial fix for the Unison Mode selection bug)

Silent demo here:

Download link here:

1. Make a backup from your Prophet 12 Mdl PlugSE.dll   !!!
2. Unzip the next to the Prophet 12 Mdl PlugSE.dll  .
3. Execute the Prophet12_Mdl_PlugSE_patcher_v2.exe  . (the exe will modify the dll, so you will need write permissions in the containing folder)

That's all. Enjoy it!

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I found another error while testing :
LFO Frequency Sync values were in mixed order in Soundtower's original version.

The latest patch fix it also. (v2.1)