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MIDI connection keeps crapping out

MIDI connection keeps crapping out
« on: December 19, 2021, 03:08:56 PM »
Hello everyone.

I know this is a frequently encountered problem, but I'm stumped and frustrated.

I've got my Pro3 on a USB hub with a few other devices.  Everything was working swimmingly - hitting play from Ableton started the sequencer as I intended it to, Ableton recorded MIDI changes I sent from the Pro3 by twiddling knobs, and then that MIDI CC  knob twiddling was successfully sent back to the Pro3 so I could twiddle more knobs.

But then all of a sudden it stopped working.  Transport from Ableton stopped working, and the CC changes weren't being picked up by the Pro3.  As far as I am aware, I did not change any relevant settings.

In my attempts at troubleshooting, I've tried using MIDI DIN (no dice - same lack of communication), restarting everything, refreshing globals, trying a different USB plug.

From reading the forums, it seems like maybe a MIDI loop?  But I can't figure out where it might be occurring.  Or how to fix it if resetting everything doesn't help.  I have local ON, because otherwise there is no way to live-tweak parameters while the Pro3 is receiving MIDI input.  I am on the latest OS

Any ideas?  Did I miss something?  I'm writing a song, and this issue brought everything to a grinding halt

Re: MIDI connection keeps crapping out
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2021, 10:07:33 AM »
I think I figured it out!  I had the pro3's ableton track set to receive all midi and it was picking up stuff from my novation peak and possibly other things.

Thanks for the help everyone.