Which combination..

Which combination..
« on: December 07, 2021, 10:01:26 AM »
I cant see the wood for the trees currently lol.

I have an OB8 module, and a Pro 3 from sequential.

I currently have an Argon 8 - that is on the chopping block (bought primarily as a VST controller but ive not used a vst in months, and its now in a place I can fit a longer board).

I have a Peak, Virus Ti2 (desktop) and a Fantom 7 (running the modules) for live use - in a band environment audiences dont care and the subtleties of analogue - let alone VCo are kind of lost.

I also have a Deep Mind 12D not used live - bought as I didnt have any analogue kit (yes DCO not VCO - but you get it) and before the Fantom 7 (with its Roland Models) came in.

Now - I have options.....

I can ADD the Prophet 6 in keyboard form in place of the Argon8 (it will fit the gap).  I can sacrifice the DM12 for a Prophet 6 in desktop form and sit it next to the OB6 - and bring in a Hydrasynth in place of the Argon (for the Poly AT keybed as much as anything).  OR I can keep the DM, get the Hydrasynth for the Poly AT - and not bother with the Prophet 6 at all. 

Bear in mind while not the same, the Pro 3 does have the P6 filter, so may do a passable P6 sound for bass lines, arps and leads at least - which from demos and sound sets are the sounds that I look up for that are P6.   The more sombre, gently pads I can probably cover with the other gear?

I really cant decide which way to go......

Thoughts here?