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Sticker/Decal who added the Voice Card?

Sticker/Decal who added the Voice Card?
« on: December 06, 2021, 10:03:37 AM »
Just added the 5-Voice voice card to my P5.    Yes, the extra 5-voices really makes huge improvement.

Though, my question:   It would be nice if there could be some kind of "ego" sticker/decal that came with the Voice-Card that could be put on Prophet 5's that would identify that 'this' P5 has been updated to a P10.    Maybe something like a "5+" sticker?  I don't know?? Just thinking out-loud.   As far as the logistics go, I now have P10 with a registered P5 serial number..

I remember when I installed the Grey Matter E! update for my DX7llFD, the update came with an "E!" sticker.  I remembering getting lots of Oooo-&-Awww's...
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