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Prophet 6 - Preset light issue.

Prophet 6 - Preset light issue.
« on: November 30, 2021, 12:36:07 AM »
Hello :)

I recently purchased a Prophet 6.
From day one, a hand full of knobs have been extremely loose. Sequential offered to send me down new knobs that I can solder them myself, or take to a tech.

My main concern is that I have two extra preset lights lit up at all times. They are only lit at about 50 % of the brightness that the preset lights are normally at. This is going to be really frustrating in a dark club. Having three lights on verses 1 is a little concerning. This is what sequential said,

"The issue you noted with the LEDs is related to a change in software to accommodate changes made to the panel PC boards over time. Depending on which OS is currently running on the synth, the LED issue may or not be present. Again, this does not indicate a fault with the instrument and is considered expected."

Has anyone else experienced this or what know OS I should load?

I haven't even had this synths for a month. It's brand new pretty much.

I'll attach photos so you can see my issue.