Polyphonic Glide Mode in rev2 is the same like in prophet6?

Polyphonic Glide Mode in rev2 is the same like in prophet6?
« on: November 16, 2021, 08:03:47 AM »

I have hard decision which prophet should i buy.
Prophet 6 or Prophet Rev2 16 Poly.
One of the features which i like it, it's this kind of effect, what he call "polyphonic glide"
Somebody comments on youtube, that there is possible, to achive this by stealing voice between Layer A and B...

So my question is, if this work in the same way like in prophet 6?


Maybe you can advice other deep things, why one is diffrents from each other...

1) What i like in rev2, its 4 lfo. and 8 modulation SLOT, with VCM modeling (tricks) (gate sequence), it's almost like VCO.
2)I also love the trick with Hard Pan L and R - in stack mode. Which make the sound even wider.
3)Awsome Trick for widenning PAD Hard L HARD R, and second trick for VCM MODELING per each voice.... It's amazing.
- for REV2 16 Poly
That many users have some issue, i mean hardware issue.
One effect Per Layer appart 2 in prophet 6, but in prophet 6 it's not layer.

If the price it's dose not matter for you what do you recommend for me, for my first prophet and why:)