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Midi Thru problem, or misunderstanding.


Midi Thru problem, or misunderstanding.
« on: September 26, 2021, 01:49:14 AM »

I'm trying to use a Deluge to send information to a 1010 Bitbox Micro via midi thru on the REV2. However, for some reason the Rev2 keeps playing, even though I'm sending the messages (to the Bitbox) using different Midi channels than those selected on the Rev2. Is this normal, or have I forgotten to do something on the Rev2? Normally, I would have thought the Rev2 would ignore any information not travelling (as in this example) on Channel 1?

Just to be clear, here's the paths I'm using to test the two devices:

Deluge (sending Midi Channel 1) > Rev2
Deluge (sending on Midi Channel 10) > Rev2 Midi Thru > 1010 Bitbox

I should confirm that the Rev2 Sound Bank/Program is set to Midi channel 1.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.