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Rev2 MIDI Mapper for Reaper

Rev2 MIDI Mapper for Reaper
« on: September 16, 2021, 06:53:01 PM »
  I thought I'd post my MIDI Mapper for the Prophet REV2.  When I tried to use the REV2 as a controller for virtual instruments in my DAW, I discovered that there was a significant limitation.  The REV2 has two modes for sending out controller data: NRPN and CC.  In NRPN mode, almost every control is mapped, and some even have 14-bit data.  In CC mode, only some controls are mapped.  However, most virtual instruments do not recognize NRPN data.  Also, many of the controls have ranges other than 0-127, which have to be mapped correctly to be able to control a virtual instrument.  Although there are tools to do this in most DAWs, generally they work best with CCs and not NRPNs.  So, I decided to try to write a tool to convert the NRPNs to CCs.  After some looking around, I found a script written by Edo von Glan, which used the plugin "ReaJS" in Reaper to do what I wanted, but it only worked with u-he's prophet emulator.  I do not have that one, so I made some significant changes to the script.

I now have it working in three modes: "Generic" will just convert NRPNs to CCs directly, and can work with most Virtual Instruments.  "Prophet V" has some special sauce to make it map better onto Arturia's Prophet V, and "OB-Xd" maps better onto DiscoDSP's OB-Xd.  My mappings for the "Realearn" plugin are included for Prophet V and OB-Xd.

I have included instructions on how to set it up in the file.  I hope this is useful to someone.  I actually did this some time ago and never got around to sharing it, so the code may be a little ugly.  Comments/suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks!
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Re: Rev2 MIDI Mapper for Reaper
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2021, 11:07:27 PM »
I should mention that pressing "ARP On/Off" will toggle an alt mode that sends all the CC's out channel 2 instead of channel 1.  This provides two modes for every control on the REV2.