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Pro 3 Constantly Freezing (and MIDI arp timing issues)

Pro 3 Constantly Freezing (and MIDI arp timing issues)
« on: September 08, 2021, 10:37:26 AM »
Hey folks, just wondering if any other Pro 3 user has experienced issues with their Pro 3 freezing? It happens very frequently for me, and so far, DSI support hasn't been able to rectify the issue.

What happens: I'll turn on my Pro 3 for a recording session and sometimes within hours, the screen will go blank and the synth will be unresponsive. I have to power cycle the synth when this happens. This can happen within hours of turning on the synth, but more frequently after a day or two of being on. I was told to shut off the synth as soon as I'm done using it, but to me it seems reasonable to keep a synth on for a few days at time when you're in the groove of a recording session. I do this with a dozen other synths with ZERO issues when I'm working on a track.

Another issue is the MID timing on the arp is sloppy. I've gone through all settings on the synth, tried different setups coming from different clock sources and the damn arp is still unusable. It's always jittery and lagging behind. Completely unusable.

Anyone else experienced these issues and found any resolution? I've updated to the latest OS, but if anything, it made the freezing problem even worse.