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Receiving program Change messages from an MPC

Receiving program Change messages from an MPC
« on: September 07, 2021, 03:27:53 PM »
I have recently purchased a Rev2 keyboard which is acting as my main keyboard and one of the sound sources in my studio. An old Akai MPC 2500 is at the heart of my studio, driving a bunch of other Synths (Waldorf Microwave, Pulse+, Vermona DRM1, Erica DB-01, Roland XV-3080).
I'm having problems issues sending midi CC for patch selection/program change to the Rev2. This has worked fine lots of other Synths (Microwave, Pulse, XV, my old Nord Lead 2x, Mks-70, An1x). I'm seeing a couple of issues, when changing patch on the MPC, the sound changes but the screen on an the Rev2 doesn't update, so I'm not sure which patch number I have. The patch number on the MPC doesn't seem to correspond to the patch on an the Rev2 after restarting.
Has anyone else had to similar issues? I have changed a couple of setting in be global, but I've then seen strange behaviour such as all of the patches in every bank having the cc same name? I'm finding this very odd, as every other synth I have used works fine with the MPC?


Re: Receiving program Change messages from an MPC
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2021, 02:02:50 AM »
Although it looks as though you're doing a lot more with your MPC than I did (I have a MPC 1000), I didn't have any problems such as those you describe. However, it did take a while to get all the MIDI setting correct so that everything worked (almost) smoothly.

I say almost smoothly, because as I set things up on the Rev2 Global menu, I often found that parameters were affected that I wasn't expecting, and, as your going backwards and forwards on the keyboard and Global parameters you often forget something, or not realise that it should be set differently.

As an example, make sure that your midi channels are set correctly between layer A and B. I often forgot, and ended up wondering why a sequence was being triggered. Or, that the correct (for you) clock was selected. It also took me quite a few tries to get the banks to change to where I wanted with  both the MPC and Reaper also.

Anyhow, one thing that would be really useful on the Rev2, would be a 'midi set' button, which once you have the parameters set, you press 'midi set' and it saves those settings. If you wish to return to your keyboard and not use midi anymore, you just de-select 'midi set'. This would save going backwards and forwards in the Global settings, which often leads to parameters being changed, which you then forget later when going back to midi (or the other way around).

Sorry if I can't be anymore helpful than that, I hope you find a solution. If not contact the DS team (via email), they're always very helpful and may well have a solution or explanation for you.
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