Inconsistent preset sounds from new OB6

Inconsistent preset sounds from new OB6
« on: September 01, 2021, 05:00:30 AM »
Just bought a (used, but mint) OB6 desktop

I'm noticing that several presets are very reactive and sound great as I'd expect.  But others are sounding extremely tinny and distant, sometimes barely producing sound (I can hear it if I really jack up the volume, so something is being produced).   Not sure if the desktop mod wheel might be somehow locked in (per the troubleshooting part of the operation manual), but doesn't seem to matter either.

In this case, I noticed it heavily with factory presets 540/541/542, not matching at all to this video:

I updated to 1.6.6 (it had shipped with 1.5.5 for what it's worth).

I am noticing this straight through headphones, and trying to isolate to the most minimal configuration (also took my DAW out of the equation and am doing this straight through the SoundTower sound editor)

Any tips appreciated, hoping this is some newbie issue
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Re: Inconsistent preset sounds from new OB6
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It is possible to overwrite the factory banks, so if some of them sound completely at odds with what you're expecting then it might be worth downloading the factory presets and giving them a try just to eliminate that as a possibility. You can find them here: and they'll install to the user area, so you'll need to back up anything you've got in there first.

If they still sound wrong then it could be some form of controller problem: do you have an expression pedal - or anything else apart from a keyboard - connected to the module? It might also be worth recording the MIDI output of the keyboard into your DAW to check it isn't sending any unexpected controller data.

Re: Inconsistent preset sounds from new OB6
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When my OB-6 was fresh out of the box it behaved similarly.
You may have done that already but in my case it turned out I just needed to calibrate the OB-6.

To calibrate the oscillators and filters:
1. Hold down the manual button and press 0.
2. The front panel LEDs and display begin flashing as the OB-6 performs its auto-calibration procedure. Donít turn off the power while itís doing this.
3. When finished, the front panel controls will return to normal and you can play the OB-6 again.
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Re: Inconsistent preset sounds from new OB6
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Thanks for the responses.  Somehow through a globals reset, isolating from all other usb controllers, the calibration and then turning off midi clock (for now), one of those seemed to do the trick; I suspect it was the midi clock, will play more with that to verify and see what is in conflict.   I'd been monkeying around with getting a MPE/Linnstrument operational, so I may have messed something up in that process.
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