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Prophet 5/10 R4 preset bank buttons not responding first time?

My Prophet 10 R4 was fine since new (had it since Feb this year). A few weeks back I noticed that pressing a preset (program select) button would sometimes not register, even with mulitple/strong presses.. then finally it would respond. Some of the others would work first time, but then they too wouldn't respond (seems random).

Is this a FW issue anyone else has noticed? I'm hoping it's not hardware related (though from new my '7' button felt like it was soldered in wrong and was too noisy a click vs the other buttons.

All other programming buttons work fine 1st time. I don't know if it's a cable come loose or just a bad board from the start that has deteriorated but it's HIGHLY annoying.

It was fine for ages, I've done one FW update so prob came in after that - I'm on 1.5.0 so I guess I should update to 1.5.2 soon to see if that fixed it (and reset everything).

Any ideas?

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Re: Prophet 5/10 R4 preset bank buttons not responding first time?
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hi, i have the same problem as you. It usually occurs when I do not turn on the instrument for a few days then just insist on the same key more than once and the problem goes away. The preset keys most sensitive to this are 3 and 7. I was hoping it was an OS issue but it didn't go away with the various updates

Ps. let me know if you reported this to Sequential and what they reply to you