Soundtower PlugSE 2.2.3 PC, Unofficial fix for the Unison Mode selection bug

Hi all,

The patch made for the latest Soundtower's Prophet 12 Desktop editor VST version 2.2.3.

Unfortunately the VST version of the editor follows the incorrect MIDI spcecs from the documentation. (The standalone is OK!)

Prophet 12 Module Operation Manual v1.2.pdf :
MIDI Implementation
NRPN Layer A: 285
NRPN Layer B: 797
Value: 0-1
Description Unison Mode 0 = Off 1 = On

The real values and desc:

Value: 0-11
Description: Number of voices  0 = 1 Voice , 1 = 2 Voices ...  11 = 12 Voices

You will have control and access for every unison mode with the patched dll, and the unison sound programs will be displayed correctly in the editor.


Download link:

1. Make a backup from your Prophet 12 Mdl PlugSE.dll   !!!
2. Unzip the next to the Prophet 12 Mdl PlugSE.dll  .
3. Execute the Prophet12_Mdl_PlugSE_patcher.exe . (the exe will modify the dll, so you will need write permissions in the containing folder)

That's all. The patch is free! Enjoy it!

If you find it useful, you can support me on paypal: