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Pro3 and Soundtower (familiar with Synths and their Editors), OSC1 and Gated Mod


7 Days with my Pro3 (first Sequential/DSISynth!) now and  in fact i'm very happy with the sounds and possibilities. i'm on the last BETA OS and Mac

But i'm going really nuts about the following things

1) to get it used with the proposed Soundtower
in AU Mode: permanent crashing in Logic ProX no matter what Plugin (Soundtower Instr. Plugin or Controller) i'm using when i'm tweaking the knobs on the synth itself (filter cut off is kneeing down my system everytime). there MUST be some kind of midi loop but i cannot figure out where... (Pro3 is conected via usb without any hub and local is OFF) it is NOT crashing when using the Mouse on the Plugin itself...

2) to get it used with the proposed Soundtower 2
in Standalone Mode (local off): How can it be that under midi settings  i cannot play the synth with its own keys but with a controller it responds to the keys? the controllers on the plug are respondig "graphically" but not physically on the hardware. turning local on it seems to work but i dont really understand why other midicontrollers are able to be adressed in local off mode but the Pro3 itself not

3) some sounds on Osc 1 sound "damaged" as broken "Monitors" (this is NOT realted to distorted sounds!) when setting is far left of the shape and shape mode is more then 10 to 2 o'clock positioned. it's more obviuos on the 4-pole Filter

4) last naote is hanging in my DAW when ARP is used and mode of sequencer is on GATED (midi set to no s/s) but not using the sequencer

Thank you for your HELP and sorry about my english...
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i have now (finally after an extended search) a solution to point 1 posted elsewhere: it is in fact a midiloop problem crashing logic with soundtower pro3 se plugin, which can be solved leaving local on in the pro3. i will do a deep test in the next days:
point 2: it‘s only possible to handle it with local on in the pro3
point 3: i‘m not sure if it is hardware problem, but perhaps someone can assist with his professional tipps ?
point 4: no idea why this is happening perhaps its related to point 1…

For point 3, does it sound the same with osc 2? They should sound the same, given that there is no modulation happening etc. The only thing I can think of is that if you set an oscillator to the pulse waveshape (Shape fully clockwise) you can make the sound of the oscillator to cut out if you adjust the shape mod towards the maximum clockwise, since the pulse width then becomes zero. You can get some "broken" sounds when you are right at the edge. But since you say that you have the Shape set to far left, I guess this is something else. I would record some example based on the initial patch (with no modulation active) and post it here or send to Sequential support.


Thank you for your input. in fact it is the opposite: setting the shape fully counterclock whilst gaining diwn the other two oscillators to zero the above mentionned „sound“ is happing. its related to some patches with deep basses and my monitors are definetly not the problem. 


only on osc 1, but ill try swapping the paramters on osc 2