VCA Envelope noise

VCA Envelope noise
« on: August 14, 2021, 02:48:27 AM »
Hi all,

I have a noise issue when using any default sound that has over 97 Decay value on the VCA envelope page. when the sound is triggered it gives off a medium background noise, that depending on the value from 97-127 has a higher volume when triggered and then settles to a steady noise humming in the background constantly. If I load a different project this tend to reset, until a sound is played that has a VCA decay value above 97 and then the whole thing starts again. This is from the headphone out as well as the main and assignable outs.
Iíve recalibrated the unit, without effect. Any suggestions?

Re: VCA Envelope noise
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Increasing compress and distort settings aggregate this issue, and seems to reset it temporarily when maxed out and then set back to zero.

Re: VCA Envelope noise
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First make sure you have the latest OS/Voice etc. installed..
Personally i donít use the onboard compressor/distortion as indeed they lift the noise floor..
A calibration routine can also help to eliminate various noise issues too.After doing that you could also check your voices one by one to eliminate any faulty ones..