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Pro 3 or Matrixbrute?

Pro 3 or Matrixbrute?
« on: August 10, 2021, 03:13:00 PM »
hej everyone,

my pro 3 journey is kinda weird and tricky. when I first got the pro 3 I felt overwhelmed by the possibilities which are in this piece and my modular system got obsolete. it didn't take long and I didn't like the sound of the OSCs anymore. kind of static, without character. the effects sounded like a cheap multi fx pedal (lots of issues but luckylie solved within the last update) and I found the operation of the sequencer anything but intuitive: a lot of menu diving, the buttons are clicky and not easy to press. so I decided to put the synth up for sale. but the more patches I did, the more I managed to make the pro 3 sound the way I like it: imperfect, old and warm. I discovered more and more sweet spots and it was easier to find an approach.
In the meantime I bought an oberheim matrix 6r and I am simply blown away. pure vintage, the chips sound so fantastic, never heard before. I controlled the oberheim with the pro 3 and OMG I had no idea. as if the two synths had to belong together. the oberheim sequenced with the pro 3, the two sounds layered, absolutely new worlds. I can't get enough.

but my pro 3 is still on sale (still unsure) and today I was offered a swap with a matrixbrute. I was never interested in this synth, for whatever reason. but reading through it today I noticed that the two are very similar and now I'm wondering if I should make the swap. the matrixbrute has two independent filters that can be routed differently, the modulation matrix is very clear and it seems to me that it sounds more vintage. on the other hand, I feel that the sequencer in the pro 3 has more possibilities and I like the form factor of the pro 3 and the beefy sound more. what do you say? can you compare the two synths at all? and do you have any tips for vintage patches? thanks you guys, great forum! 

Re: Pro 3 or Matrixbrute?
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2021, 03:47:48 PM »
I had the MatrixBrute, got the Pro3, and then sold the MxB about three months later.   Besides the serial/parallel filter routing and the extra keys on the keybed, I prefer the Pro3 on every other aspect.   The three filters on P3 are a holy trinity, and yes, the sequencing capabilities on Pro3 are unmatched.

One tip for replicating classic/vintage performance:  You can purposely create Osc Scaling / Intonation Offsets for oscillators, replicating the behavior found in many 70s/80s monosynths, where they get progressively more sharp or flat as you go up and down the keybed... and each oscillator can be slightly offset.    This creates a bit of phasing/detuning that is dependent on where on the keybed you are playing. 

Example:  In mod matrix, route the following:

Note Num > Osc 1 Fine Freq:  -1
Note Num > Osc 2 Fine Freq:  -5
Note Num > Osc 3 Fine Freq:  -3

DC > Osc 1 Fine Freq:  +1
DC > Osc 2 Fine Freq:  +1
DC > Osc 3 Fine Freq:  +1

I have done this in some of the classic/vintage patches I've created, when specifically going for a more 70s sound.   You can play around with the exact values to taste.   fyi: the DC offsets are just to determine the centerpoint (the area of keybed where there's the least divergence.   You can also try adding in a tiny bit of random mod or slop for further mucking up tuning performance to give a more vintage vibe. 

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Re: Pro 3 or Matrixbrute?
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2021, 03:52:59 PM »
What is this “or” you speak of?  ;)

They are fairly similar in spec but pretty different in workflow and sonic character. Even paraphony works differently on each. The MxB can sound very kraut but the wavefolder makes some Buchla tones possible. There are also some Synthi design influences there. The effects are crusty, which some people love and others hate. People say the UI is more direct but I actually find it easier to have an overview of the matrix on the Pro-3. The sequencer is a lot deeper on the Pro-3. Not sure what issues you have with it but I find it one of the easiest to work with.

But honestly either one is a good choice. They’re my favorite monosynths—vintage or modern.