All thumbs up for the Conductive Labs MRCC

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All thumbs up for the Conductive Labs MRCC
« on: August 02, 2021, 02:29:10 PM »
About 2 1/2 weeks ago the MRCC (Midi Router Control Center) and it's remote 7 port extension arrived. The people at Conductive Labs did an amazing job in user interface design, firmware coding and applying the raw processing power.

I have been using it in my office studio for two intensive weekends now. Spending one whole day re-wiring many MIDI cables on one side of the room .... I have created and recorded several tracks with the MRCC quietly doing a splendid job. The MRCC just works. Once setup, which is really easy to do using the front panel only (no menu diving to setup the routing) it remembers its saved configuration at power on.

My good old Roland A-880 is now retired.

Having the ability to seamlessly route three sequencers, my Rev2 as master keyboard and a Kordbot as compositional tool via the MRCC MIDI and USB inputs is a complete game changer. Exploring more complex chord sequences and inputting those into the Hermod allows for fantastic experimentation.

I haven't explored yet the other facilities the MRCC offers (filtering, clocking, re-assigning CC parameters, etc.), my main use for it is as a really easy to setup multiple inputs MIDI router.

Highly highly recommended in a DAWless environment, combining "classic" MIDI instruments with instruments that support, class compliant, MIDI over USB.
DAW-less and going down the Eurorack rabbit hole.