Prophet-5 v4 and Prophet '08 - Need BOTH!

Prophet-5 v4 and Prophet '08 - Need BOTH!
« on: August 01, 2021, 10:23:14 AM »
Hey, all -

It's been a while since I posted/replied. I used to be "TwelfthRootof2" but I 'disappeared' and I like this username better anyway, since I was using MIDI in 83-84 when it all started (another 'Dave invention/facilitation') - hence, the handle.

Onward: I LOVE my new Prophet-5. But there is NO WAY I'd ever part with my Prophet '08!:

- Per voice LED's
- Variable keyboard tracking knob for filter
- Variable keyboard knob for velocity
- Variable keyboard knob for after touch
- 3rd envelope generator
- Many matrix route possibilities, etc. etc.

It's REALLY expressive, as you all know (SS, in particular). I had a Rev.2 desktop that I sat on for 2 years in a box, and I sold it to get the (new) Prophet 5 v4 - the Rev2 sounded fine, but it  was easy/confusing to get overwhelmed by the options. And the panel wasn't laid out as logically as the keyboard version.

All told - I love the Prophet 5 - I can't believe how many sounds can be coaxed out of 2 oscillators, one LFO and two EG's (filter and amplitude).

I think the 2 'secret sauces' of it though, are the 'simple' poly-mod routing possibilities (sources/destinations are 'linked' however - without OSC2 being employed as an LFO), and the BIGGIE: It occurred to me that the BIG deal is that the oscillator wave forms are not saw OR square - or a continuum wave-shape, as in the Rev2 - but saw AND square (if desired, with PW) and the addition of triangle on OSC 2.

It's taking a LOT of thinking and learning on the P5v4, to get the best uses out of it; I keep it tightly tuned, and don't use the 'vintage' knob a lot - but do use the SSM filters somewhat. The velocity and after-touch leaves a LOT to be desired. But it's there...

Lots more to say...this is enough, under a new handle! Don't want to wear out the welcome on my first post! ;)
It's good to be 'back' and participating in the discourse, one again!

As always, any feedback (pro/con) is always welcomed and encouraged!

All the best,