set up REV 2 as Sound Module without local on/off function question


I've been gigging and recording using several hardware synths.. and now I'm trying to use

REV 2 Keyboard 16 voice
Codeknobs REV 2 Editor

DAW : Studio One

Mac OS Big Sur M1

there are few problems that I can't solve using studio one with rev2 w editor.

My goal is using rev2 as sound module and play by myself few parts of the song (not mouse click to midi region).

1. not sure how to properly setup

I think I did right, I just make new software instrument track and use REV  2 Codeknob Editor.

and there, I can hear the sound, and whatever I record it works, but when I hit playback it doesn't work.

and weird, because it sometimes works when I play back but while it's working if I change little parameter on synth such as filter cutoff, LFO 1 Amount etc... it stops working( no sound at all).

2. Midi notes doubled

when I turn on local On and record midi signal it writes two times.

but if I turn it off, it's more problematic for me since I like to play parts by myself.

let me know if you know answer or having similar issues.


Re: set up REV 2 as Sound Module without local on/off function question
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2021, 07:34:48 PM »

updated firmware,

made sure local on/off was off, and I use codeknob's function (using local on/off on their software wonder how it works)

and made fresh new project from studio one and imported few files from previous project, now it works like charm.

if anybody have similar problem, I recommend to use similar method.

1. Turn off Local on/off on your rev2

2. Make new project (previous project might have corrupted midi)

and it will work!